HCSEL chip 940nm 976nm

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HCSEL chip 940nm
  • HCSEL chip 940nm
  • HCSEL chip 976nm
  • 2W 8W 30W HCSEL chip

HCSEL chip 940nm 976nm

HCSEL chip 940nm 976nm
Product advantages:
Wavelength: 940nm, 976nm
Power: 2W, 8W, 30W
Ultra-high single-tube power reduces the number of chips used and reduces costs
Large output caliber gives ultra-high chip reliability
The spectral linewidth is narrow and the wavelength is stable, which is convenient for 3D sensing and LiDAR applications to effectively filter out noise
Excellent light-speed quality reduces the difficulty of optical shaping
Excellent polarization is conducive to sensing detection and optical beam combination
The simple chip manufacturing process is theoretically guaranteed to cost less than EEL and VCSEL

Wavelength940nm, 976nm
Optical Power2W、8W、30W

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