LEMON Photonics Profile

LEMON Photonics Profile

LEMON Photonics Technologies Co. Ltd. is a high-tech company founded by a team of experienced laser professionals and venture capitals.  LEMON Photonics focuses on research, sales and industrialization of high-end semiconductor electro-optical devices, modules and systems.  

Leveraging its own core technologies, LEMON Photonics vertically integrates processing and manufacturing sectors of semiconductor laser and expends its technologies to application areas.Comparing to current laser chip technologies, LEMON Photonics produces next-generation laser chips with higher reliability, better performance and lower cost.

LEMON Photonics devotes to deliver superior customer value through high-performance products and solutions. We work closely with our clients and develop customer driven photonics applications.   We commit to connect our partners with good faith, to create our products with professional dedication, to serve our clients with win-win cooperation. LEMON Photonics values people-oriented management style and encourages our employees to grow and succeed altogether with our company. Coordinative management and rational operation is essential for us. 

We strive to continuously improve our products and explore more applications of laser technologies. Our company vision is to create a Laser Energized Miracle of Nature! 

LEMON Photonics Culture

LEMON Photonics Culture

LEMON Mission

Empower customer to creat miracles 

with innovative laser technology 

LEMON Vision

Becoming a respected partner 

in one-stop laser chips & solutions


Professional & Innovative; Collaoborative & Responsible
Pragmatic & Honest; A Win-win Scenario